Let’s talk about travel.

For me travel is a way to escape from materialism. It is a way to let people’s differences disappear and be one big family.

Travelling is the best way to learn and become greater persons, to improve our personality.

Travel experiences are those wich really make us rich. Doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money or you live just right into the next day, if you are rich in travel experiences, you’ll always be rich. You’ll always have a nice story to tell. And I think that this is a big part of humanity; Give information, transmit information, …have stories to tell.

During the last years I perceived that a lot of lore is disappearing when it comes to travel. This includes four customs which in my opinion are important keys during our voyages. Even more great keys they are to get rich in travel experiences and collect nice memories.

I would like to share this four keys with you.


  • 1. RESPECT.
    First of all, and of course the most important one, make sure to respect all people an cultures. That seams to be obvious, but unfortunately it isn’t any more. You will not believe the massive amount of bad education and sad attitude I’ve seen along my travel life.
    “Always remember that in a foreign country you have no voice to tell anybody what is wrong and what’s right. And the one and only person you should judge will always be yourself!” *2017 Ronny von Zglinicki.
  • 2. BE A TOURIST.
    Second key is to be a tourist. Do those things what everybody goes to do at the place you are, things what that place is famous for. Go partying when you’re at Ibiza, visit the Big Ben when you’re in London, or smoke weed wile you’re on Jamaica.
    Even if you’re fed up from seeing it on pictures or movies, the live sensation often is very different than our expectations.
  • 3. BE A REBEL.
    Perfect definition for my third key is probably “be a rebel”. And the exact opposite of the second key is the right way to do it! Try to do things what nobody plans to do there, like trying to read a book in the middle of times square at rush hour. That is how you will learn to see the place like residents do. Just think over, Rome’s residents don’t go to pray daily at the Vatican, New York Citys residents don’t run up to the rooftop of the Rockefellers center every single day.
    Once you understood that, you will learn to see a totally different angle of each place you visit.
    And the fourth key, but not less important than the previous three. Don’t travel too much in short time.
    Take some time to come back ground, to disconnect and to meditate between your voyages. Maybe it seems to have no sense, but believe me, I know what Im talking about. I was very lucky when it comes to travel and see the world, and at the young age of 21 I already went to 58 countries and visit more than 165 cities around the globe (True facts! No joke, it took me almost 2 hours to get those numbers). Most of that in less than two years. That was extremely much, and today, more than a half decade later it is still hard for me to process what I lived.

So when the time for your next travel journey arrives, just have a quick look back on this post and try to include at least some of this four, short and simple keys into your voyages to make your experience a bit greater as well as your presence much more pleasing for local residents.

Wish you all the best exploring our world!